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Our Factory

Our factory located in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China, our product range covers toilet seat, (including Duroplast, MDF, Mould wood, bamboo, solid wood, PP toilet seat). Our toilet seat factory was built in 2013, at the beginning, we produced MDF and mould wood toilet seat, started from 2016, we produced durplast and PP together, the production capacity for MDF is 50,000 pcs per month, for durplast toilet seats, it is 40,000 to 60,000pcs per month, depends on the type of toilet seat, we have 40 compression machines, we are professional on the printing duroplast toilet seat top technology in China, the factory area 10,000sqm. 120employees, turnover in 2020 is 6,000,000USD, 80% sold to Europe, 20% to other areas, including South Africa, South and North America. Most of our products can pass DIN19516, Chemical test is no problem, we got BSCI Certificate, FSC Qualified, ISO9001

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