There is a "notch" design on the toilet lid that is popular in the United States, but there is no domestic toilet. Is there a difference between China and foreign countries?


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Although toilets are used all over the world, each country will work out its own standards based on actual conditions. If you say that your friends who have traveled and worked in the United States in the past may have a doubt, why is there a gap in the front of the toilet in the American women's toilet? Does it have any effect?

There is a gap in front of the toilet

In fact, this design is not limited to women's toilets, even household toilets, almost always have a gap in the front.

According to the provisions of the 1955 American National Standard Piping Technical Code and the 1973 Uniform Piping Code: "All toilet seats, except for the seats in residential units, should be open or automatic seat cover allocation "So the plumbing regulations adopted by most public agencies in the United States require the use of two-pronged front open seats. Later, most toilets in the United States also adopted this design specification.

This design is also based on Americans’ own conditions. It can be said that it has many advantages, such as a good hygiene effect and making Americans more comfortable when using the toilet.

There is a gap in front of the toilet

Such a toilet design can be used in the United States, and it will naturally have advantages. The specifics are as follows:

The first is to improve the hygiene of the toilet: there is a gap in the front of the toilet, which is designed according to the actual situation of the female body, so that women can use the gap to provide some breathing space and prevent the genitals from contacting the seat. , And reduce the space for urine splashing, and ensure that the private parts are cleaner. Moreover, even if the toilet in a public toilet is used by most people, it will not touch the same place, which improves the hygiene of the toilet.

The second is to avoid the quarrel between men and women using toilets: for families, men and women usually use the same toilet. If there is no such a gap in the front of the toilet, men’s urine at the end of urination is usually spilled on the front of the toilet lid. When a woman sees urine on the edge of the toilet, her complaints and anger can be Presumably, this also stimulated family quarrels. Now there is a notch design on the toilet lid. Even if the man's urine is accidentally, it will not be affected when the woman uses it, because the toilet lid is covered, which can be regarded as avoiding quarrels between men and women.

The third is to prevent users from being "stuck": because the diet in the United States is different from that in China, high fat is their preference, which also creates a lot of fat bodies and naturally a lot of meat in the buttocks. At this time, if a notch is not designed on the toilet lid, it is easy to firmly "stuck" the user in the toilet lid. Through a notch design on the toilet lid, even if a fat person sits on it, the air will not be exhausted, and it will not be directly "stuck" in the toilet lid due to the "pressure difference" to avoid being used. There is a "stuck" phenomenon.

The fourth is to reduce the cost of manufacturing the toilet: because of the design of a gap, a lot of raw materials can be saved in the manufacturing cost. At the same time, the structure will increase the rigidity to ensure that it is not easy to break. Through this design, a great cost saving has been achieved. A toilet cover cannot be seen, and all of them add up to a very powerful saving figure. At the same time, it is also more convenient to replace the toilet cover, which can be said to have many advantages.

Therefore, this design is in line with the physical characteristics of Americans and the use of toilet needs, and the main function is to consider the hygienic effect of use.

Why is there no gap in domestic toilets?

Although the design with a gap on the front of the toilet is very popular in the United States, it is also praised. But in China, everyone does not buy such a design, so it is rare to see such a design on the toilet lid in China, whether it is a public toilet or a household toilet. The reasons are as follows:

The first is the difference in usage habits: we all know that China first used aqua toilets, and only later did they use Western flushing pit toilets, and then gradually developed into the use of Western toilets. At present, China has not said that the design with a gap in the front in the use habit is not known. As for what changes will be made in the future, so far, the design with a gap in the front of the toilet has not been accepted in the use habit.

The second toilet cover with a gap is a public place: if there is a gap design on the toilet in China, then it must be a public place, that is, anyone can use it. It is difficult to accept the toilet as a household. Of the design. After all, in the domestic concept, the cleanliness of toilets in homes and public places are different. The cleanliness of domestic toilets can be guaranteed, so such a design is not required.

The third is that the toilet cannot be upgraded: if this gap is designed on the toilet lid, even the most popular smart toilet at the moment will become public at once because of the design of the toilet lid, without any The grade can be said, and the domestic is good for face. If the toilet can not be upgraded if it can not be upgraded, then it will lose its due role, and the toilet cannot be upgraded.

Extended reading

Extended reading: After living in the house for a long time, you will experience these "difficult conditions" around the toilet: The original glass position around the toilet is moldy due to various sources, and black mold spots appear, which affect the aesthetics of the toilet.

The main reason for this problem is humidity, residual urine, etc., which has changed the glass, which can be said to have caused great inconvenience to life! If you ask a professional master to come to solve the problem every time, the cost will be several hundred yuan. At the same time, it is also time-consuming, which directly affects the daily work.

At this time, we must use the "mildew removal gel" to completely solve this problem. Just apply the mildew removal gel to the darkened area. After applying it, let it stand for a period of time, and then gently wipe the mold to disappear.

The principle of mildew-removing gel is very simple, that is, the texture of the gel is not easy to volatilize, and the coating is better after thick coating, so it can penetrate into the roots of the mold layer by layer, and has the effect of sterilization and antibacterial.

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