Analysis of smart toilet lid material


Smart Toilet Seat Lid is one of the props products often used in home today. Like traditional Toilet Seat Lid, the main panels are also composed of a variety of materials. Different materials also have different characteristics, making the finished product different effects.

The acrylic board is currently a more commonly used material. It has good transparency, chemical stability, very easy to process and dye, and has a beautiful appearance. This is an earlier development of plastic polymer material. It has a long service life and is convenient to clean.

The crisisytalization cover is a very non -toxic and colorless material. It can add a variety of coloring agents for dyeing, corrosion resistance, oil -resistant, and cheap price. Although the water resistance and electrical resistance of this material are poor. But this does not affect the function of the toilet lid. It is durable. It is also a material that is currently used in smart Toilet Seat Lid.

PVC plastic is also a relatively ordinary toilet lid material on the market. It is also called polyvinyl chloride. The main component is polyvinyl chloride. It is characterized by corrosion resistance, bright colors, firm and durable, but toughness and heat resistance They are relatively poor. Although the price is cheap, the material is slightly insufficient.