Elongated Toilet Seats
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Elongated Toilet Seats

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Product Description

An elongated toilet seat is a variation on a round toilet seat that provides additional comfort and room. Its shape is longer and narrower than that of a circular toilet bowl, hence it is made to fit on an extended bowl. More surface area due to the elongated design makes it easier to clean and more comfortable for people to sit on. Extended toilet seats are available online or in businesses that offer bathroom fittings. They come in a range of materials, including plastic, wood, and ceramic.

Fine Era ® elongated toilet seats Specification

Product Name elongated toilet seat
Manufacturer Fine Era
Location Jiangsu China
Model Number FE006
Material PP
Size 460x365mm
Inner Ring 292x205mm
Adjustable length 450-470mm
Hinge Soft/Normal close
Shape elongated
Colors white color or customized colors
OEM Accepted

A toilet seat made to fit over an elongated toilet bowl is called an elongated toilet seat. Compared to circular toilet bowls, elongated toilet bowls have a more oval form and are usually 18 to 19 inches long and 14 to 15 inches wide at the widest point. Because they have greater seating room than circular toilet bowls, most adults find them more pleasant to sit on.

Typically constructed of plastic or wood, elongated toilet seats are available in a wide range of hues, patterns, and shapes. Some are simpler to install and maintain because to extra features like quick-release buttons or soft-close hinges.

The elongated toilet seat's solidity is enhanced by its one-piece hinge base, which also allows for greater cover fit adjustment.

To avoid upsetting noisy families and avoid slamming, the toilet seat and lid can be closed gently and slowly. Establish a calm atmosphere without squeezing your hands.

The elongated toilet seat and bidet may be easily removed and cleaned around with ease thanks to the one-button quick release mechanism.

The premium thick polypropylene plastic used to make the toilet seat is resistant to bending and pressure.

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